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Welcome to the website of Be-ing Psychotherapy

Be-ing is a space that has been dedicated for healing work, primarily through psychotherapy, but also through workshops and seminars. We also offer an Employee Assistance Program. We are located on Vernon St, in central Derby.

We have a small group of resident therapists working here. You can read more about choosing a therapist, find out more about who we are, or you can contact us if you have any questions.

Be-ing is a new enterprise that was started by two psychotherapists, Ambika Erin Connelly and Katherine Akroyd who wanted to create a space that was specifically devoted to therapeutic healing.

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The Space

Be-ing is a room where we aim to create a safe and confidential space, so people who are either working through some difficult issues or who have chosen to further their personal development feel comfortable enough to do so.

Some people find that working in a therapeutic relationship helps them model how they wish to relate differently with their selves, and with others. If you are looking for a therapist, you can contact us to arrange an initial meeting, or you can learn more about finding a therapist.


The Name and Logo

The name and the logo of Be-ing holds particular meaning for us. We wanted our name to represent how we work therapeutically, which is based in the action ('ing') of developing self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion to simply 'be' oneself. We also believe in the authority of the client, and that the therapeutic relationship is meant to be something that holds the process of change, but allows the client the freedom to choose when their growth progresses beyond the need or desire to be in a therapeutic relationship. For us, the visual effect of the word ‘being’ cupped in an open chalice beautifully symbolises the balance of both holding and freedom of choice contained within the therapeutic relationship.


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